there [ ðer ] function word ***
There can be used in the following ways:
as a pronoun (to introduce the subject of the sentence):
There's a spider in the bath.
as an adverb:
Wait there until I get back.
as an interjection:
There, that didn't hurt so much, did it?
1. ) [ weak  ðər, strong  ðer ] used in statements about existence used for introducing a statement about someone or something that exists or happens:
there is/are: There isn't much time left.
There are 24 teams competing in the tournament.
is/are there?: Are there any other suggestions?
there may be/there should be/there seems to be etc.: There seems to be a lot of confusion.
there lives/follows/comes etc.: Long ago there lived a beautiful princess.
There comes a time in everyone's life when a big decision has to be made.
2. ) in or to that place
a ) in or to a place that has already been mentioned:
They're going to Hawaii, and they plan to stay there until the end of March.
The children loved Disneyland they want to go there again.
near/around/from etc. there: He lives in Modesto, or somewhere around there.
there and back (=going to a place and returning): It's only a hundred miles to Westport. You could drive there and back in a day.
right there (=immediately in that place): She wanted him to kiss her right there on the beach.
b ) in or to a place that you are looking at or pointing to:
Look there! he said, pointing to a figure dressed in white.
There's Angela now, coming up the street.
over there: Would you like to sit over there by the window?
in/out/up/under etc. there: I won't be able to reach things if you put them up there.
right there (=exactly in that place): The information you want is right there in front of you.
3. ) at a particular point in a process at a particular point in a series of events, in a speech, or in a story:
The car company was forced to cut prices, but its problems didn't end there.
I'll stop there, and answer questions if anyone has anything they want to ask.
4. ) used for referring to what someone else has said SPOKEN used in a conversation when referring to a particular thing that someone else has said:
I don't approve of gambling. Well, I agree with you there.
Yes, Patrick's a very nice man you're right there.
you have got me there (=I don't know the answer): How do birds find their way across the ocean? Well now, you have got me there.
5. ) available to be used or to help
a ) used for saying that something is available to be used:
If the opportunity is there, we will take it.
The money is there for the city to spend on public services.
b ) be there (for someone) to be ready to help someone or make them feel better:
Who would be there for her when she needed a shoulder to cry on?
6. ) used for referring to what has just happened SPOKEN
a ) used for expressing satisfaction, sympathy, etc. about something that you have just done or that has just happened:
There, I've done my duty as a good host.
there now: There now does that feel better?
there (you are) (=used when something has proved you were right): There, I told you she wouldn't mind.
b ) there someone goes again SPOKEN used when someone has just said or done the same annoying thing that they have often said or done before:
There you go again, blaming everything on me!
c ) there's...for you used when you are angry or disappointed at the way you have been treated:
There's gratitude for you!
7. ) used when telephoning SPOKEN used when asking to speak to someone on the telephone:
Hello Peter, is your mother there?
be/get there INFORMAL
used for saying that someone has achieved/is going to achieve success:
I wouldn't say we're successful yet, but we're getting there.
Have you solved the problem? I think I'm nearly there.
hello there/you there etc. SPOKEN
used when calling to someone or greeting them:
Hello there, I haven't seen you for a long time.
You there, what are you doing in my yard?
so there SPOKEN
used at the end of a rude or angry statement to show that you do not care what another person thinks. This expression is used especially by children:
I'll hate you for ever, Jimmy Andrews, and I'll never speak to you again, so there!
there and then/then and there
immediately at that moment and in that place:
They wanted me to make a decision there and then.
there goes something SPOKEN
used for expressing disappointment that something has failed, has been lost, or has been destroyed:
Well, there goes any hope that he'll call me again.
there I was/we were SPOKEN
used when you are telling a story and you want to give a summary of the situation you were in at a particular stage:
So there I was, up to my waist in icy water.
there it is/there you are/there you go SPOKEN
used when a situation is not satisfactory but there is nothing you can do to make it better:
I'm afraid we were too late, but there it is, we can't do anything about that now.
there, there SPOKEN
used for trying to make someone who is upset feel better:
There, there, don't cry now.
there you are/go SPOKEN
a polite expression used when you are giving someone something that they have asked for or that they have just bought

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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